Rick Gilchrist


Richard “Rick” Gilchrist, is Co-Founder and CEO for VöC & Ecofy DC with the goal of providing resources for global transformation and inspiring people to do good, be good and contribute to meaningful change.
Rick is a business leader and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience figuring out how to do it better and be better with notable exits and company successes.

As one of the co-founders and former COO of New Frontier Data and through working with startups as well as his own companies, Rick learned from many, many mistakes and failures. He identifies needs and gaps in starting up organizations and accelerating growth in business, software, data reporting and in the business solutions available to a highly under-served, mission oriented industries. Rick helped to create custom data ingestion CRM engine and architected business tools that now make up the foundation for Ecofy's business acceleration platform and whose IP has been used by over 3000 business users in Europe and multiple fortune 100 companies. Rick’s focus is squarely on helping organizations focus on providing the best product, service or experience while making an impact.

Glenn Harless


Glenn is a visionary IT guru with extensive experience in management and design of diverse tech projects. His core competencies are in conceptualizing user experience, digital design, digital media design and creation, digital video production, voice-driven interactivity, and social media integration. He makes things better and brings change to the world one success at a time.

Michael Hackmer


Michael has been a speaker, consultant and marketing strategist for over 15 years. He has built marketing strategies for cannabis businesses, and served as CMO for cannabis start-ups. Over his career, Michael has developed strategic marketing campaigns for defense contractors, and companies in media, technology, health care, and education. He started working in federal and state government relations, and later managed industry affairs and association membership for non-profits. Michael is originally from Boston, MA, but lives in Virginia with his wife and daughter.

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