Doug Brown

CIO, NetSuite, Oracle

Aubree Arias

Cannabis Business & Tech Investor, Anchor Investor

David Meerman Scott

Marketing/PR Guru, Author, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” – Tony Robbins Business Mastery Speaker

Saul Kaye

CEO and Founder, CannaTech / iCann

Richard DiPietro

Principal, R&R Contracting/RAM Construction and Real Estate & Investment Strategy

Brandon Gallagher

CEO, Vuber Technologies

Peter Holzworth

Founder, cLABs & CEED, Former Merrill Lynch Portfolio Manager, Former CIO, BioTrack,

Lynn Brewer

Founder - The Integrity Institute, SME – Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Research Scientist - Big Data, Risk Culture, Sustainable Corporate Performance

Ryan Gilchrist

General Manager & Director, Category Management,

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