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Love is all you need…

It is always wonderful to see the insight and wisdom those with years of experience can pen into prose. Especially when it is done in a beautifully written poem.
The bright minds at have found one such artist and her dedication to love.

For more than half a century, beloved poetMary Oliver (b. September 10, 1935) has been beckoning us to remember ourselves and forget ourselves at the same time, to contact both our creatureliness and our transcendence as we move through the shimmering world her poetry has mirrored back at us — an unremitting invitation to live with what she calls “a seizure of happiness.”

 But in her most recent collection, Felicity (public library), Oliver dedicates nearly half the poems to the scintillating seizure that is love.


Poetry may not be for everyone, however here at Ecofy, we believe that inspiration can be found in many places. We hope this article and these poems can help inspire you. Please find the entire posthere.
Do you have a favorite inspiration poem or quote? Please comment and share and help us inspire the Ecofy community!

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