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Living Off the Grid… And in the Courts?

No electric bills…

No water bills…

No depending on giant faceless corporations…

These are the dreams of many sustainable living enthusiasts.

However, increasingly the “off-the-grid” lifestyle is being pursued by local, state and federal governments seeking to impose restrictions on how neighbors live on their own property.

In a recent article published on Spirit Science, the story of zoning clashes across the country is explained:

Going as far as giving people jail time for collecting rainwater instead hooking into local utilities is now the ideal way of living the government has established fort everyone across the U.S.

With the Valley now having 800 people living in the area in their tiny homes, they are now being threatened by bounty officials that have recently made strides to regulate and license off-grid living.

A prime example of this is located in Costilla County, Colorado. People have taken to San Luis Valley in order to get a taste of sustainable living. This way of thinking has attracted multiple people into having lax zoning regulations, cheap property, and a thriving community that is entirely self-reliant.

Read the whole story here.

Do we have the right to live how we choose?

What harm is caused by free citizens deciding they don’t want or need public utilities?

Is there another side to this story?

Express your opinion below!

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