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Think you can’t make a difference? Yes you can!

Mountains are trillions of pieces of dirt and rock rising up to immense heights. If we all do our small parts, adding our pebbles to help the world, the mountains of change we create will be insurmountable.

One site that we can learn sustainable habits from is DIY Natural who wrote up this great list to get us started. Just creating a few habits on this list can make an immense impact if many of us do it!

A few of my favorites from the article:


3. Bottle your own water. By using a water filter and stainless steel or glass bottles you can save money and keep plastic bottles out of the landfills.

5. Turn off lights. We’ve been told this growing up, and it really does help!

10. Buy local. When you buy local produce you save money in shipping costs, get fresher produce, and support local farmers. Same goes for eggs, milk and even lumber! ( is a great resource for locating farmers in your area.)


23. Telecommute. Work from home if you can.


27. Pay your bills online.


34. Recycle what you can.

45. Connect with friends. Friends can often give others ideas that they’d never have thought of.

See the entire article here.

What other tips can you think of or add to this list? Please share and comment to help others Ecofy their lives!

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