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Redefining what can be done in a month… just 360 hours.

Complacency is the enemy of progress.

Especially in how we build “things”.

Most people are now aware of how 3D printing is revolutionizing exactly how we build things, but China is proving innovations are still a huge opportunity in modernizing construction techniques.

China also has a reason: 1.3 BILLION people – 4 times that of the United States. That puts them in a position of need to ensure infrastructure for such an immense population.

The U.S. can still learn a lot from other countries, we’ve fallen behind in many areas. However the one great thing about innovation? You can learn from the leaders and improve on their techniques.

Watch this amazing video of what Chinese construction is capable of accomplishing in only 360 hours:

Here at Ecofy we believe we can learn and improve on the best practices in every area of life: Mind, Body, Spirit, Business, Planet, and Community.

What does this video show you on what you could accomplish in only one month?!

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