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What is Ecofy?

To live life in a way that leaves behind a world worth living in.

So what does that REALLY mean??? Well here’s our first video to help explain.

Read further down for more details as we understand this is a new concept, a movement, a family, a verb that we hope you all share in shaping!


What we do at Ecofy!

Our goal is to make living a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling life easier. How do we plan on doing that? Curation! We will bring you the best information, tools, services, and products to accomplish these goals. We follow and believe in the 80/20 rule – which can be applied to just about any facet of life. Life hacking for our 6 pillars: Mind, Body, and Spirit for personal growth and Business, Community, and Planet for changing the world around us in a positive way. We promise to deliver you ways to help improve your life and the life of those around you.

Our content is curated from the best thought leaders, websites, resources, and information we can find. We love crowdsourcing – so always appreciate input from our Ecofy family on info or a specific item you believe will help our community! Feel free to email us or engage us via social media anytime with ideas.

Next we will provide a curated eCommerce section for products and services we believe are the best in the world to help in growing your Ecofy pillars. Our current model (coming soon!) will be a curated Amazon store. We have created criteria for everything from brands that give back, that are Eco-friendly, fulfill the requirements of our pillars, have the highest quality, and will make a positive impact for you and the world. We will always work towards finding and providing the best of the best for our Ecofy community, as these are the same products and services we use for ourselves and our baby girl.

As a FULL DISCLAIMER: this is how Ecofy makes its money. Ecofy creates affiliate relationships and partnerships with these top brands, products, and services and will obtain an affiliate commission from products and services anyone from our site buys. However, we WILL NOT recommend products and services we do not fully believe in and have done our research on. Not having an affiliate relationship with a product or service will never stop us from recommending a great product or service to our Ecofy community. Ecofy is ad free (unless you consider some of the content advertorial in nature) to give you the best user experience as possible on our site. We appreciate your support in purchasing products and services we recommend so we can continue providing you OUR services without relying on spammy ads.

Who is Ecofy?

Aloha! My name is Aubree Arias and I am a new father, veteran, entrepreneur, angel investor, futurist, philanthropist, and life-hacker in training. Bear with me as I give you some of my background: I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a tech controller having dropped out of college after a single semester. I realized school just wasn’t for me any more – I needed something more practical. I ended up stationed at the Pentagon with a Top Secret/SCI clearance that led to a 20 year career as a telecommunications and network engineer. I decided that I wasn’t fulfilled in the grind of managing the most sophisticated networks on the planet and needed to do more FOR the planet. In my career I have helped manage the entire military/DoD backbone network, implemented a $200 Million military system throughout the entire Pacific, managed every Starbucks store in the U.S., Starwood Resorts, the Medicare/Medicaid network, to a multi billion dollar logistic company’s global network. I only mention my past career as a reason to build trust – which I believe is very important for the services we provide you through Ecofy. My parents were also hippies – so I was raised with a belief of love, peace, and happiness and to cherish the world we live in. As a new father to our amazingly happy, funny, energetic, and wonderful baby girl Kya – I realized it was time to start creating catalysts for positive change NOW for her future, and yours. Together with my fiance and Kya’s amazing mother Katelyn, we will endeavor to help all of us Ecofy our lives! This is a journey we are all taking together. Understanding many times we must crawl before you can walk – there will be ways for everyone at every level to help change themselves and the world.




Thank you! We hope you join our Ecofy family and become part of the “Who is Ecofy” story!

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