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Our Services

Ecofy Crowd Funding

Ecofunder will be bringing crowd funding capital to the sustainable and healthy living industries. From rewards and equity based crowd funding, to peer to peer lending – we will empower the planet to generate a collective of socially conscious individuals and businesses. Compassionate capitalism.

Ecofy for Business

We have partnered with Common Bond Collaborative ( to start our journey on creating a new type of accelerator/incubator for the sustainable sector. Focusing on working with social entrepreneurs, creating B Corporations, and a network of like minded companies that will create a powerful organization for change. We aim to develop turnkey solutions and services for start-ups and  small to medium businesses to strengthen their foundations, accelerate their growth, and give them a competitive edge. Think Wework meets Founder Institute for the health and sustainability.

Ecofy 3-D Printing

We will be partnering with our friends at to create a 3-D printing eco-system sourcing sustainable materials. 99 Designs for the sustainable 3-D printing market.

Ecofy Locator

Yelp for sustainable and healthy living. Finding the hours and location of your favorite farmer’s market, health food stores, and restaurants with healthy menus. We’ll give you a great tool for making it easier to eat and live healthy.

Social Good

Ecofy will be donating 5% of its revenues to Feeding America, and challenging our community to donate too. Our 1% to end hunger challenge will engage individuals and businesses to help end hunger scarcity through continued support and donations to the highest quality and effective charities in the world.

Ecofy Marketplace

Curated e-commerce platform to help make living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle easier. Showcasing only the best rated, eco-friendly, and healthy products available. A portion of all your purchases go to help Feeding America! Watch the difference you can make by shopping via our site.

Ecofy Challenges

Level based tasks to challenge yourself, friends, and the Ecofy community to help Ecofy your life. Start from simple tasks such as drinking 2 glasses of water when you first wake up, or giving a long hug to a friend all the way to running a marathon or creating a food drive in your community. Challenge, share, applaud, and earn badges and trophies as you climb the Ecofy ladder and see how small steps can lead to huge accomplishments.

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